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Att devisera

Någon undrade något om mitt engagemang. Om när det föddes. Förmodligen föddes det vid min första tanke. Och sedan finns det fantastiska böcker som matar engagemanget. Som Ursula Le Guins ”The Left Hand of Darkness”. Mina devisers drottning.
“Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.
Two are one, life and death, lying
together like lovers in kemmer,
like hands joined together,
like the end and the way.” 

“How does one hate a country, or love one? Tibe talks about it; I lack the trick of it. I know people, I know towns, farms, hills and rivers and rocks, I know how the sun at sunset in autumn falls on the side of a certain plowland in the hills; but what is the sense of giving a boundary to all that, of giving it a name and ceasing to love where the name ceases to apply? What is love of one's country; is it hate of one's uncountry? Then it's not a good thing. Is it simply self-love? That's a good thing, but one mustn't make a virtue of it, or a profession... Insofar as I love life, I love the hills of the Domain of Estre, but that sort of love does not have a boundary-line of hate. And beyond that, I am ignorant, I hope.” 

“No, I don't mean love, when I say patriotism. I mean fear. The fear of the other. And its expressions are political, not poetical: hate, rivalry, aggression.” 

“But it doesn't take a thousand men to open a door, my lord."
"It might to keep it open.” 

“The Gethenians do not see one another as men or women. This is almost impossible for our imaginations to accept. After all, what is the first question we ask about a newborn baby? ....there is no division of humanity into strong and weak halves, protected/ protective. One is respected and judged only as a human being. You cannot cast a Gethnian in the role of Man or Woman, while adopting towards 'him' a corresponding role dependant on your expetations of the interactions between persons of the same or oppositve sex. It is an appalling experience for a Terran ” 

Ur sådant här föds tankar, föds en rastlöshet, föds engagemang.

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  1. Att älska sitt land, det undrar jag med vad det betyder! Jag har aldrig varit nationalist, patriot eller alltid hejat på Sverige i tävlingar, men gillar ju de ställen jag bor på och de människor jag träffar. Det skulle jag säkerligen göra även om jag bodde i ett annat land. Att älska mitt land blir ännu konstigare efter att ha läst SDs principprogram...